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    Lawn Sand x 5 Bags View larger

    Lawn Sand x 5 Bags

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    Sinclairs Professional Lawn Sand is a very effective effective moss killer which also kills many broad leaved weeds. The nitrogen content will also fertilise the grass and gives a deep green, lush appearance. 

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    Moss Killer | Broad Leaved Weed Killer | Feed

     Each bag weighs 25 kg and treats 185 m2

    This listing for 5 bags will treat an area of 925m2

    Nitrogenous Fertiliser with Iron
    Contains 5.5% w/w Ferrous Sulphate (as FeSO4)
    Application Rate: 135g/m2 (4oz/yd2)
    Kills moss and can be used on all grasses.
    MAPP No. 05254